Infinitum Composites

We're a deep-tech startup company with a patent-pending technology, that will make existing big and expensive composite technology accessible to the mass market.

Our Technology

is an automated continuous fibre placement technology, that utilizes a unique process of applying pressure and heat at the same time. Benefits of such process are:


To our knowledge, up to 400%,
 and up to 30% lower energy consumption


Very low porosity and various commercially available generic composite fibre tapes can be used, especially carbon fibres


It prints composite tapes by heating only the region of the tape to be printed/joined


It can used over manufactured components (overprinting)

Technology advantage

We simultaneously apply pressure and heat (patent pending)
Cross section of a printed (fused) sample
(fibre dots in white)
Higher density means lower porosity,
thus better quality

Pros and Cons of Automated Fibre Placement

Compared to other composite fabrication methods there are a number of key advantages and disadvantages of using AFP.

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What improvement would your company benefit from? 
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Automation benefits - lower labor cost and higher production rates than manual
Repeatable production with high traceability
High quality and accuracy of placement
Low material wastage
Layups with Thermoset and Thermoplastics.
Restrictions of part shape


Automated Fibre Placement (AFP) is ideal for making light continuous skeleton and surface designs

Optimal reinforcement

Continuous fibre composite material in a path-designed structure result in optimized reinforced composite structures, which are light and have high mechanical performances in the desired directions.

3D printing + AFP

An extrusion-based 3D-printed core with AFP skins produced a mid-chassis roof frame that has comparable strength and stiffness to a hollow steel part — yet is 40% lighter with a 50% reduced cross section — and avoids the cost of injection molding tools in the previous MAI Skelett design.
Photo Credit: BMW, TUM

The future is a composite world: battery case

Many composite dominant design concepts are up to 20% cheaper and up to 36% lighter than the reference aluminium design. For an electric vehicle, a reduction of mass can increase the battery and distance range, and also on bikes, drones, sport equipment, etc. Goal of zero-emission cars in EU for 2030 (30 million electric vehicles)

The team

Arturs Kāpiņš

​Co-Founder, CEO

Andrej Zadnik

​Co-Founder, CMO

dr. Roberto Guzman de Villoria

​Co-Founder, Scientist

dr. Beatriz Garcia

​Co-Founder, Scientist

Erick Pastor


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We're looking for partners and investors, who would like to join our journey into a stronger and lighter future.
Infinitum Composites SIA
Reg. no.: 40203460690
Sigulda, Latvia
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